Expert Review: Datawrapper

Datawrapper is an open source tool that allows users to create simple, correct and embeddable charts, according to its website.

In my experience, Datawrapper was absolutely awful for my data set. I had wanted it to develop a chart for the property types within my data set; of whether the 606 cases filed in South Boston were reported at an intersection or an address.

It seems user-friendly, but the way that the site interprets the data is sloppy. It’s very confusing and after a while I just gave up.

I feel that if you have a number based data set Datawrapper would be a powerful tool to use. The X and Y-axis didn’t match up with how my data set was organized, which was frustrating. But it does offer a variety of different charts to use.  The charts are customizable, which was great if it would have a worked, but once again if you have a number driven data set this site may be used to your advantage.

Looking through their gallery the offer a lot of great examples:

It looks like a great site that has the ability to create clean and easy to used data sets that are embeddable, so I’d recommend this tool for our final project.

I’d have to clean up my data set, to see if I could use it for my final data story.

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