Racontr is an interactive storytelling platform. It allows users to upload various mediums to their page (like audio, video, and pictures) and layout the interface to their liking (without coding). Like WordPress, Racontr can be published to various platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

According to Racontr’s Vimeo video, people have done a lot of nifty things with it.


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.12.16 PMHere’s my experience:

The page’s default language is French, and sometimes Google Translator is uncooperative.

You have to upload videos, sounds, and pictures to the “Medias” tab, where it compiles files that could potentially be used for your project. It’s seems ideal for an ultra-organized blogger who plans ahead of editing the page, but if you tend to upload as you go—it could be annoying. Don’t get me wrong, you can still do this, you’ll just have to continue to navigate back and forth between the “media” and the “scenario” tab.

There are a couple of kinks the page needs to work out. For instance, the double click feature, that enables you to edit the text, is temperamental. Also I’m still a little confused about the click actions:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.49.03 PM


Also if you upload videos directly from Youtube, it sometimes doesn’t work. The video is just unplayable. Because sometimes it’s uncooperative, I download the video directly using clipconverter.

Using the tools isn’t as easy as the icons label themselves to be. I’ve clicked on the settings icon several times to edit the page and it’s just unresponsive.

Ultimately, I think the idea of Racontr is awesome, but so far I left unimpressed and slightly frustrated. I’ve created the following so far:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.53.51 PMI added a visual, audio, and video component to my hypothetical page. It was fairly simple, but the kinks were frustrating to get through.

The website has step by step tutorials, but I didn’t find them extremely helpful. I definitely learned as I went along.

I would say the site is fairly easy to navigate through. Though because of the kinks, it made it frustrating to navigate through. Sometimes, it’s unresponsive and you have to refresh various times throughout editing. Also, the animation in the site is a bit tricky to navigate.

I would recommend the site if you have various mediums you’d like to incorporate. Though, you can do this with WordPress, Wix, etc., you just have to embed it. Racontr just allows you to manually upload it to their site so that you have more “control” of the look. Also, with Racontr, you can create your own fonts. There is this cool looking time-lapse component, but in all honestly I’m still unsure how to use it.


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