Utilizing Three Different Contents of Data and to Prove one Fact

Charting the Korean Wars Missing Troops by Matt Stiles on His Personal Blog Daily Viz

This was a well-organized data visualization story. The author Matt Stiles gave the data attribution at beginning: “Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency” and stated why he used data to tell a story (why it matters): “return some of the remains of United States troops who are still unaccounted for since the Korean War. There’s new hope that recent diplomacy between the United States and North Korea might allow some of those remains to come home.”

Moreover, Stiles was a smart data utilizer. He used different meanings’ data to prove one thing: during the North Korean War, American armies suffered giant losses when Chinese counterattacked and in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Data of the number of deceased unaccounted troops:

data of weekday of the deceased unaccounted troops:

and data of the deceased unaccounted troops’ types:

These charts all pointed out to one fact: Chosin Reservoir Battle let the American armies lose the most disastrously. That was a Thursday, and U.S. Army was in charge of this battle.

The most attractive data visualization chart was this one, which I named “America map honeycomb”:

It showed where these unaccounted troops came from. I don’t really sure that why the author decided to use these data to deliver the information, but from the rate of probability, some states, such as NY, NJ, Conn, D.C., and Del. were the states that had more numbers of troops to join the Korean War, and Nev. and Alaska could be less population so that if one troop deceased unaccounted, the proportion of the unaccounted could be higher than other states. Also, it was really well-done and aesthetic design. I like the colors, and I like the graphic format a lot.

(All pictures accessed by http://thedailyviz.com/#)


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