Four Boroughs Began to Love Yorkshire Terrier, But Staten Island Was Not in The Trend

A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy. The picture referenced from American Kennel Club

According to The Dogs of NYC data visualization report on WTF csv. , Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular breed of dogs in New York City. Thus, a question about the common age of Yorkshire Terrier in each borough caused my curiosity. In the Tableau application, I used ‘borough’ and ‘breed name’ [filtering so that only Yorkshire Terriers are searched] as the dimension, and ‘dogs’ ages’ as my column. I put the number of records in the rows to produce my final chart, tilted The Trend of Yorkshires in Each Borough of NYC. In my final chart, you can see that beside Staten Island, other four boroughs’ Yorkshire’s age was all centralized in the range 2 to 3, which means that the new and young Yorkshires became a popular choice of NYC residents. Overall, you can see that Yorkshire concentrated in Manhattan (1), Brooklyn (2) and Queens (3). Staten Island, compared with others, had a stable age during 2015 without any surprising peaks. These results illustrate that Yorkshire Terrier was a trending breed in the urban area of NYC within these three years, except Staten Island. Yorkshire is a compact city dog, and is more suitable for high density spaces.

Set up all the texts information and column lines


Set up all the lines, including column lines and the raw lines, and make the number statement for the data bars.


Three questions:

  1. Which types of dogs have longer life spans (age 16-18) in NYC and where are they in the five boroughs?
  2. Where are the most newborn (age 1) puppies’ in five boroughs of NYC?
  3. Is the per capita environmental area impacting the size of dogs?

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