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Hello, and welcome to Earth Emerson’s newly re-founded blog! This a place for students and group members to rant, rave, report, about current environmental news, happening locally and globally. You might be asking, who is Earth Emerson anyway? Well, we are Emerson College’s only student-run environmental action organization that has been committed to thinking globally about the environment and acting locally since 1996. (Yeah, we go back.) We were initially started in response to the lack of recycling on Emerson’s campus. Since then Earth Emerson has grown and helped get more recycling on campus, promote environmental awareness, help facilitate clean energy purchases, host Vegan Food every semester, assist with Recyclmania Challenge, and much more. We are always looking to expanding our local connections and for new ways to make our community sustainable and aware.

Keep an eye out for our member’s stories to come!

Jessica Colarossi, Earth Emerson Co-President 


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