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Cosmic Unicornz pop up shop opens on Huntington


Owner, creator, and designer of Cosmic Unicornz, Melissa Thyden, stands next to some of her items at her Huntington Ave. pop up shop. Photo by Samantha Woolf

By Samantha Woolf

The products on designer Melissa Thyden’s website include ‘Painted Rainbow Faux Furr Coat,’ ‘Crystal Moon Crop Top!,’ ‘Raptor Love Tank,’ and — for seasonal flair — the ‘Holographic Red Santa Skirt.’

Inside 333 Salon and Barbershop, where local legends like Celtics basketball players get their haircuts, Thyden has racks of clothing, sparkly heels on display, and a giant poster advertizing her brand. Her newly opened shop catches the attention of Northeastern students, customers at the salon, and tourists shopping on Huntington.

“It helps all of us as small businesses and small entrepreneurs,” said Mike Baldino, owner of 333 Salon and Barbershop. He described Thyden’s pop up shop as a way to enhance his customers’ experiences and draw in those looking for a new style of both hair and clothes.

Thyden achieved success by selling unique clothing and by utilizing social media. This designer went from working out of her parent’s basement to opening up her own pop up store in Boston with bold plans for the future.

Thyden tries to connect with brand influencers to promote her clothing. These celebrities — like Paris Hilton, Jessie Paege, Griffin Arnlund, and Dani Thorne — have a large social media presence and promote the designs to their followers by wearing her clothes and tagging Thyden’s company.

“Everybody wants what everybody else has. When somebody who’s seen as an icon wears a skirt, then all of their followers want the same skirt,” said Thyden.

Pablo Vergara is a model and customer of Cosmic Unicornz. He admires how Thyden involves celebrities in the brand. “Cosmic Unicornz is uniquely eye-catching. I think that’s what captured the attention of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Dani Thorne. With the glitter and bright colors, you have no choice but to look,” said Vergara.

Thyden has big plans for her company’s future. “My goal is to own my own store that is half a studio and half retail with all of my designs. I want to create custom orders for celebrities and maybe design a tour wardrobe.”

Thyden’s current success comes with extreme dedication to her craft.

“If you stay in your studio and just work all day you could be making the greatest art in the world but no one will know. You have to vend at every show, shake every hand, but you also have to give 150 percent to what you’re doing or else you’ll never get there,” said Thyden. “I basically work 14 hour days every single day. That’s how much it’s taken for me to get to where I am. Running a business, it’s like being pregnant and never giving birth.”

A rack of clothing to be sold at the Cosmic Unicornz pop up shop. Photo by Samantha Woolf

Author: Samantha Woolf

Samantha Woolf is an aspiring broadcast news producer from the Worcester, MA, area. As a journalism student at Emerson College she is a works on J Channel and the WEBN General News show. She enjoys writing about music and lifestyle and in her free time likes spending time with her friends, playing with her dog, and taking photos.

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