A Day With Merci D.

Boston bred rapper Merci D slays photoshoot in preparation for the debut of her first official EP this summer.

Mercedes “Merci D.” Loving Manley is a Boston based multimedia artist, who grew up learning about the rise of some of Boston’s most successful musical icons like Donna Summers and New Edition. Now, it is her turn to leave her own impression on the city’s history of music with the release of her first official EP slated to release June 1st. 

Merci says although she’s had a love for music since her childhood, following her fathers musical footsteps, she first remembers beginning to take rapping seriously at the age of 13 and has been ever since.

Merci D., now 21, is continuously creating and sharing more content for her growing fan base. 

“my biggest goal for my career is to have established a wide fan base with genuine follows and genuine love and real people even in the influencer age.” she said.

Her mother says she initially took Mercedes’ desire to wrap as something she would grow out of until she had heard one of her daughter’s songs. 

“I was like she can really sing and rap.”

It was then she realized her daughter’s dedication and achievement with the craft.

The artists says one of her biggest goals with her music in the city of Boston, is to inspire and make room for others in the local art scene.

“I feel like why not spread the wealth, why not share the space if I’m holding something in the hood like where I’m from, I should be able to give other people the things that I never really had.”

She’s already began making strides towards this goal, giving local artist and DJ’s performance time at her release. Mercedes is looking forward to hosting her listening party for the introduction of her Debut album in her home town of Boston in the coming months.

The release party will not only feature audio from the artist but will also include visuals to accompany some of her music, a music performance by Boston singer Ny and a set by local DJ TROY Frost.