The Last Video Rental Store

Kevin Koppes moves while he talks. As the sole owner and operator of the last video rental store in Boston, Kevin has a lot to do.

He works thirteen hours a day, six days a week to keep the Video Underground up and running. Despite this effort, Kevin’s business is struggling to stay afloat in the face of a changing industry.

This is the story of that struggle. And of the unique community that has grown up around it.

The Video Underground is located on Washington Street in Egleston Square.
New arrivals on display in the window of the Video Underground.
Kevin Koppes looks forward to the completion of a large mixed-use development across the street from the Video Underground. He hopes it will bring more foot traffic to the area.
Kevin Koppes spends most of his days behind the counter of the Video Underground.
Customers enter the Video Underground for a Friday night screening of Bladerunner.

This story was written and produced by me, Isabel Carter. It was scored by the musician bobbie whose work can be found at