I Know Pants as Well as I Know Football

By: Thea Nagle 

When I told my mom I had a shopping list for my trip to the Super Bowl, she was thrilled about our mission. First, we went to TJ Maxx; the game plan was to divide and conquer. We reconvened after 20 minutes of shopping to look over what we found. Despite a cart full of pants, I was quite defeated to hear my mother explain that we didn’t find a single pair of chinos and only one pair of khakis. I then realized that I not only needed to research the ins and outs of football, but I needed to conduct some research on pants.

The next day we ran errands and I was eager to cross a few items off my list. After eight hours of shopping at various stores for items on (and off) my list, I found black and white Cuddle Duds shirts while grocery shopping at Sam’s Club. 

I Googled women’s chino pants and the first search result took me to Old Navy. 

After purchasing everything, I tied my hair up and put on the whole outfit with one of my polos. One look in the mirror and it finally sank in: I’m going to be working in the media center for Super Bowl LIV. 

That night while still in my temporary uniform, I conducted nearly 3 hours of research on football and watched several gameplay videos on YouTube. The research and packing preparations get even more exhilarating the closer I get to media week. 

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