Travel Day Jitters

By: Bethelly Jean-Louis

Today was a long day for those who flew in today. I’d like to think it was a successful day too. My day started at 4:35 a.m. as I woke up to a notification that the Uber I had scheduled the night before was cancelled. Naturally, I felt myself go into panic mode, but I stopped myself before I could spiral. The solution was simple. This small victory set the tone for my day. 

I’m usually nervous when I fly. The whole process, from security to baggage claim, can be troubling for me. I was very proud of us as a larger group for sticking together. Today was smooth sailing, although I did end up sacrificing some lotion and curly hair mousse during my security screening. That was my fault, I learned my lesson. Overall, I think great leadership and sense of camaraderie is what made the task of traveling as a larger group seem like a breeze.We navigated airports like pros, coordinated beautifully and most importantly we were on top of it when communicating with one another.


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