How Do I Get Paid to Party?

By: Thea Nagle

I think I found my calling today. I got to go to Super Bowl LIVE for the first time and it was everything I wanted it to be. It is like one big football party. It’s at a park along the ocean and there are several sponsors with booths, food trucks and vendors, decorations, shows, demonstrations and decorations. If I could describe my ideal work environment, this is it. It was like working at a giant party with lots of fake friends. 

At Super Bowl LIVE, I was a legitimate VIP. I walked on that exclusive, fake sand area looking like a legitimate VIP, in a teal polo and black chinos. The best part of the VIP tent was the bathroom. It was the nicest porta potty I’ve ever been in. There was air conditioning and fixtures, a backsplash and fancy mirror and it smelled great. Even the food wasn’t as good as the bathroom.

After leaving the VIP area I was ready to go get some content for the host committee. Once leaving an area that designated me as a person of higher status, I kept that mentality for the rest of the time. I walked into every sponsor’s booth and flashed that credential like I was Madame President. I worked hard to get to exclusive places to create Instagram-worthy content. 

It all came to a stop at Casa de Crunch. There was an exclusive rooftop that housed the stars before they came down to the stage. I found the woman in charge and followed her through a secret Cheetos-branded door and hid behind the stage where I took photos. I then pushed to go up to the rooftop but unfortunately my VIP pull couldn’t take me there. 

I still got to see Lil Nas X. He’s a funny dude. Very eccentric.

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