Back to Reality

After leaving Miami and the Social  Media Command Center one thing has never been more clear to me: I want to work in events. I’ve always wanted to work in events but never knew if that was just something I liked the idea of, or something I actually wanted to do. After working for the Super Bowl Host Committee this week, I have solidified that this is something I am very passionate about and want to pursue in my career. 

I appreciated all the moving parts that went into making Super Bowl week what it was. From the organization of everything to the creative touches, I know working in events mixes both my strengths and interests. I am so appreciative of this past week and all the people I have met along the way. Having an opportunity like this is very rare and I will forever be grateful for it. 

As a senior with only a few months until graduation I am eager to use this experience to my advantage when looking for and applying to jobs. I will remember all the little and big things I have learned and am excited to apply this knowledge in my future endeavors. 

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