Calling In Reinforcements

By Meagan Lee

One thing I learned over the past few days here is to be ready for things to change in an instant. You have to be ready for anything, whether it means a change of locations or a change of uniforms. 

After spending most of my afternoon in the Social Media Command Center, Jaclyn and I went down to Super Bowl Experience  to gather content for social media. As we were walking over, we got a call from Abby telling us we had an important job to do. 

Come to find out, a group of us were needed to help run some of the activities in Super Bowl Experience. After a quick wardrobe change, we were placed at the Field Goal and Hail Mary stations. I stood on the side where the field goal kicks were happening; my job was to retrieve footballs and place them back on the tees. 

For someone who has never played football, I was definitely making a fool of myself when I was throwing and catching the balls. I may be a Sports Communications major, but in that moment it was evident that I am not great at football. I was classically trained in ballet for 14 years, not coached to catch or throw a football. 

Although I may have made a fool of myself, it was fun to experience something different. Sometimes you can feel a little restless at the Social Media Command Center, so socializing and seeing all the happy people enjoying themselves was worth it. However, from now on, I do think I’ll avoid playing football.

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