Dak’s Nachos vs. The World

Casa de Crunch is located at Super Bowl LIVE at Bayfront Park. This is a prime location for photo ops. Upon walking into Casa de Crunch, a sparkling Lays chip mural hangs from the wall, ideal for a big group picture. Set up like a “house,” the room to look like a living room has a cheetah print orange fur wall with a crown where people are clawing to get their opportunity to take their picture on the couch – without the orange residue as a takeaway.

Next, in the kitchen is a one-of-a-kind “throne” that instantly turns you into the next superstar football player. The photo ops aren’t the only thing that makes Casa de Crunch so appealing to fans.

Casa de Crunch is set up to host live broadcasts and celebrity appearances. Walking around to grab content for the Host Committees Instagram, a large crowd of people captured our attention. We saw Michael Irvin and Lindsay Rhodes. We barely caught the tail end of the broadcast before they announced special guest Dak Prescott.

Rhodes and Prescott’s interview was open to fans, some of which were more excited than others. Earlier this season, Prescott was turned into a meme based on a video of an active stretching routine he does during warmups. This video took the internet by storm. Rhodes brought up the “routine video” and intertwined his viral video with a video of Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. Everyone burst into laughter, including Prescott himself.

There was more once the interview concluded. Prescott and a lucky fan had the chance to see who could make the best nachos. This fan had an interesting time because Prescott is her idol.

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