Getting Back on Track

As my Uber from Logan Airport on Sunday reached the all too familiar Emerson campus, I felt disappointed that we weren’t in Miami any longer; I was also relieved to be back. Although I did my best to keep up with my work on the trip, I still had things to finish before class on Monday. It was a bit of a weather shock when I stepped out of the car, having gone from 80 degrees, sunny and humid down to 40 degrees and cloudy. I was also sad to part ways with other students on the trip, but excited to see the friends I hadn’t in a week.

Having to unpack and get my priorities straightened out when I got back to my dorm cemented the end of the trip for me. Back to reality! I snapped back into my school headspace and got everything ready for class. After I did aundry and ate dinner, I went to bed early. The rest was well deserved as I had gotten up at 5:45 that morning for the flight. Although I miss the sunshine and excitement of the trip, I’m glad to be back. 

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