Raisin Feet

By: Thea Nagle

The winter months in Florida bring the best weather with them. It was beautiful the whole time we were in Miami except for last night. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon while I was at Super Bowl LIVE. Rain has never really affected my mood. Yesterday, I learned that I can keep the same amount of energy and quality work ethic even while I’m soaking wet in the rain.

My iPhone is waterproof so capturing content for the host committee was not a problem, however my khakis and shoes are not waterproof. Within 10 minutes I was soaked to the point of no return and walking in perpetual slush. It doesn’t sound enjoyable but it made the experience all the more fun. Walking around the park meant dodging puddles everywhere and the best way to do that was with parkour. I got very crafty while maneuvering around to avoid the water that walking around became a type of game. 

My crafting abilities came in handy while guiding the media to their stand-up spot and completing PA tasks for them while they were shooting. Getting the equipment to the stand-up location meant hurdling and lifting it over puddles and onto booths for drier travel. Once we made it to the media spot the rain picked up and we needed clear plastic bags for the equipment. I have no authority to use a walkie talkie at Super Bowl LIVE, but I was given one from the information booth and I put a call in to operations. The response elicited an all-out sprint for me to a tent on the far side of the park. I ran the clear trash bags back to the media and then had to find an umbrella for the anchor. There were lots of umbrellas to choose from but none of them were black! You would think I would easily be able to find a black umbrella but it was a process. I spotted a woman with one and ran right at her (you should have seen her face). She gave me the umbrella and right back to the media I went with two minutes to spare until air time. 

Did I save the broadcast? I tell myself I did. Did the rain hinder my performance? No, I enjoyed the challenge it presented.

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