Bayfront Finale

By: Ben Pejko


For my final day, I got to work all day at Super Bowl LIVE at Bayfront Park. It was my first time at this location so it was interesting walking past the crowd of chickens and roosters mulling around the side staff entrance. After getting situated in the media trailer, one of our teammates gave us a quick rundown of the park and its various activations and attractions. There were numerous athlete and celebrity appearances and interviews scheduled for the day, not to forget the water shows, parade and nighttime concert! The sheer amount of things the Host Committee and the brands were able to pack into the park made it an easy space to venture through, looking for content.

Thinking over my time in Miami, I was happy to get the unique experience of the past week and I’m appreciative of the opportunity. The Super Bowl is probably the biggest annual event in the country, and the chance to see how some parts of the event are handled from the inside was fascinating. It was cool to be a small part of something that I’ve watched since childhood.

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