Lucky Winner

By Rebecca McMahon

Today, I worked in the social media center and had the opportunity to go on an excursion. Two women from the social media center took myself and another student to Lincoln Road. which was a refreshing change from being inside all day long. The purpose of this was to have a contest for fans to win two free tickets to Super Bowl Experience. We took a photo outside of the NFL Shop and the first two fans to come find us at the location would win two free tickets. The lucky winner ended up being this older lady who wanted to win them for her son who had been dying to go to Super Bowl Experience. 

Later on that day, Jeramie in the social media center gave me three free tickets to Super Bowl Experience for my friend who lives in Miami, Mea and her two brothers.They were so excited to come and meet Tua Tagaviola, Kyler Murray, and Desean Jackson. 

I was just as excited as them to do social media at Super Bowl Experience and get content on Tua, Kyler, and Desean who were all very personable and interactive with myself and the fans. Being around players that I am so used to watching on TV and seeing how they really are as a person are memories that I will never forget. 

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