About Super Bowl LIV Experience

This is the journey of 21 students (graduate and undergraduate) all majoring and minoring within the Department of Communication Studies. Everyone of the School of Communication students is interested in applying what they have learned in the classroom to real-world experiences, like the Super Bowl.

Dr. Maria Scott had the appropriate connections to allow for the students to work with the Media Center and Social Media Command Center for the week leading into Super Bowl LIV. So why not test your skills on the stage of the largest sports event on US soil? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what it takes to produce an event of this scale and magnitude and to put yourself in the busiest media center in sports (outside of the Olympics and World Cup).

The 21 students are “working” on behalf of the Miami Super Bowl LIV Host Committee to assist the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and the National Football League at their booths. Additionally, the students also work inside the Social Media Command Center answer the questions posted to the various social media platforms, monitor the content uploaded to the platforms and more. All of which is excellent experience and a spectacular resume addition.

Some of the students serve as “Manager” within the program and also gain experience in leadership and management roles throughout the week-long trip.

Other than the obvious benefits of gaining experience and a show-stopping addition to their resume, each of the students earns one-credit toward graduation for their work in the field and for completing their assignments (one of which is daily contributions to the blog). Additionally, the students get to keep their credentials, uniform and other items gifted to them from the NFL and Miami Super Bowl LIV Host Committee.