Familiar Territory

By Meagan Lee

In high school I managed the men’s lacrosse team for two seasons. Throughout those two seasons I spent many days out in all different types of weather. Sunny days were my favorite; I got a nice tan and chilled on the sidelines as they guys played. Windy days were a little less fun; I got cold very easily and very quickly. 

One type of day that I absolutely despised having games during was rainy days. Too many times I stood soaked from head to toe, even with my big Red Sox rain poncho on. One time it rained so hard our scorebook dissolved. I’m not kidding. 

Today as it poured while I was outside at Super Bowl LIVE, I was taken back to my high school days. The feeling of water pooling in my shoes was all too familiar, especially how it would squish as I walked. 

It’s really crazy to think that three years ago I was hanging out, managing the men’s lacrosse team and today I finished my last shift of Super Bowl LIV. No matter how many times I remind myself, I still can’t believe this is real and it happened. 

I would have never guessed that standing in the rain on my high school football field would lead to standing in the rain in Miami after working a week at Super Bowl LIV. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. I came to Emerson to chase my dreams, and I am doing just that. My trip to Miami led to new friends, crazy memories, and a full heart. Although I am sad to be leaving the warm sun and big city, I know there is so much more out there for me to experience.

Until next time, Miami.

Lucky Winner

By Rebecca McMahon

Today, I worked in the social media center and had the opportunity to go on an excursion. Two women from the social media center took myself and another student to Lincoln Road. which was a refreshing change from being inside all day long. The purpose of this was to have a contest for fans to win two free tickets to Super Bowl Experience. We took a photo outside of the NFL Shop and the first two fans to come find us at the location would win two free tickets. The lucky winner ended up being this older lady who wanted to win them for her son who had been dying to go to Super Bowl Experience. 

Later on that day, Jeramie in the social media center gave me three free tickets to Super Bowl Experience for my friend who lives in Miami, Mea and her two brothers.They were so excited to come and meet Tua Tagaviola, Kyler Murray, and Desean Jackson. 

I was just as excited as them to do social media at Super Bowl Experience and get content on Tua, Kyler, and Desean who were all very personable and interactive with myself and the fans. Being around players that I am so used to watching on TV and seeing how they really are as a person are memories that I will never forget. 


I came into this trip in a unique situation: as a coordinator. I didn’t fully understand that title, and I’m still working to find a definition for it, but I know that it felt like a somewhat strange half-manager half-staff member position. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect of this and was nervous coming into the trip because of it. 

To explore the coordinator position deeper, I feel I am obligated to discuss my age. For me as an underclassman, I think it was the perfect fit. Many people often don’t respect underclassmen based on their age, which isn’t fair to underclassmen, but it is the truth. Many people didn’t know I was 19 throughout the trip, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want me being “too young” or “too inexperienced” to influence my time at the Super Bowl. 

As a coordinator, I got the chance to be a manager on the first day of the trip before most people arrived. This was nerve-wracking because I didn’t have anyone to model what I should do in the beginning. However, I think that diving in worked even better for me. I have a very specific leadership style, and I try to make sure that I am always being fair to people so that everyone is the happiest they can be while on my team. If I had not been true to my management style on day one, I would have regretted it. That day bled into the rest of the trip. 

Throughout the week, I realized why I was placed as a coordinator. It wasn’t that I wasn’t ready to be a manager, though that may have been true at the beginning of the trip. It was mostly for me to learn from my peers older than me. I am 19, and many of the managers are between 21 and 25 years old. Each of the managers has a very different leadership style, and I was able to observe all of them during the week in different situations. Seeing how Libby dealt with a situation versus how Ben handled a similar one was eye-opening to me. There is no “right way” to be a manager. Everyone brings their own flare to the position, which is what makes the managers as a whole stronger. 

I am so grateful that I went to the Super Bowl this week. There are so many people that I met and learning experiences that I garnered, and I can’t thank everyone enough for this amazing week.

Bayfront Finale

By: Ben Pejko


For my final day, I got to work all day at Super Bowl LIVE at Bayfront Park. It was my first time at this location so it was interesting walking past the crowd of chickens and roosters mulling around the side staff entrance. After getting situated in the media trailer, one of our teammates gave us a quick rundown of the park and its various activations and attractions. There were numerous athlete and celebrity appearances and interviews scheduled for the day, not to forget the water shows, parade and nighttime concert! The sheer amount of things the Host Committee and the brands were able to pack into the park made it an easy space to venture through, looking for content.

Thinking over my time in Miami, I was happy to get the unique experience of the past week and I’m appreciative of the opportunity. The Super Bowl is probably the biggest annual event in the country, and the chance to see how some parts of the event are handled from the inside was fascinating. It was cool to be a small part of something that I’ve watched since childhood.

Closing Time

By: Madison Brooks

Today was the last day down here in Miami working with the Super Bowl Host Committee! It is hard to comprehend that I really just experienced all of this wonderful craziness that was my Super Bowl LIV experience. While it was hectic and tiresome, it was equally surreal and fun. Working with my peers and other industry professionals was incredibly worthwhile in my efforts, as a student, to learn as much as I can in my time here at Emerson. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and can safely say that I made some lifelong memories while here.

If there is one thing that I learned from this trip, it was the importance of being a versatile and flexible person when working in events. The fun part about events, to me at least, is that you never quite know what is going to happen. In order to be the best at your job and to create an amazing experience, you have to be able to adapt to different situations and circumstances as they unfold. Stressing too much over things can only lead to more problems. If you see a problem, do your best to solve it as soon as possible to avoid any further problems that may come from it. There is a solution to every problem if you look hard enough, and sometimes having a great team of people there to help you out can make the problems seem even smaller. I hope I am able to work in events someday and be able to take on larger roles and bring even more people the excitement I felt working at Super Bowl LIV.

Last Day Vibes

I was on my way to work at Super Bowl LIVE in Bayfront Park as storm clouds slowly filled the Miami skyline. Today was all about capturing content for the Miami Superbowl LIV accounts. We had a brilliant idea to go and create a time-lapse of the line of guests waiting for the Park to open. All the fans loved the idea which was great! This would be the last day of Super Bowl LIVE as well as both team’s pep rallies and a concert, so today was packed! 

With the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers rivalry already starting, it was interesting to see how the two different fan groups would interact. They both wanted to prove that they had better fan support. The 49ers had a drum line that would parade around the event, the Chiefs were not pleased with it and would break out into tomahawk chop to outdo the 49ers. 

This shift would conclude my time working in Miami, but I still had the rest of the evening. I decided to have a full fan experience. When I arrived at the Convention Center, I ran to the bathroom to throw on my 49ers gear and raced out to the Super Bowl Experience. This would be the first time I got to ‘play fan’ at Super Bowl Experience. I waited in the skills line to throw a football six times, as any typical fan would do. But being in Super Bowl Experience this time was strange, my uniform was off, no one ran up to me looking for directions, and I could take a photo anywhere. 


The Least Famous in the Room

By Meagan Lee

My favorite fun fact to tell people is that I’ve been in a movie. This leads to a long conversation about how I was an extra in the movie Undrafted when I was 13 or 14 years old. To prove it, I show people the trailer. About halfway through the trailer, you can spot little me in a pink tank top running up to a fence. 

The fact that I was in a movie automatically makes me a celebrity, right? So when I was at the NFL Transportation booth surrounded by celebrities, I was obviously cool and collected, right? They were my people, we’re on the same level, right? Maybe not. 

I talked about being starstruck in my other blog, but today I truly was. I saw Hall of Famers, star players, music icons, and reality stars. Never in my life have I ever felt more irrelevant. 

Although my role here is important, being surrounded by celebrities really makes me feel like the lowest man on the totem pole. I only felt a little relevant when media members asked me where they can get the shuttle back to their hotel. 

I think I need to become a celebrity. My movie debut 6 years ago is the first check on my “I want to be famous” resume. Who knows, maybe next time I’m at a Super Bowl it will be because I’m getting interviewed by TMZ in Radio Row.

Raisin Feet

By: Thea Nagle

The winter months in Florida bring the best weather with them. It was beautiful the whole time we were in Miami except for last night. It rained on and off throughout the afternoon while I was at Super Bowl LIVE. Rain has never really affected my mood. Yesterday, I learned that I can keep the same amount of energy and quality work ethic even while I’m soaking wet in the rain.

My iPhone is waterproof so capturing content for the host committee was not a problem, however my khakis and shoes are not waterproof. Within 10 minutes I was soaked to the point of no return and walking in perpetual slush. It doesn’t sound enjoyable but it made the experience all the more fun. Walking around the park meant dodging puddles everywhere and the best way to do that was with parkour. I got very crafty while maneuvering around to avoid the water that walking around became a type of game. 

My crafting abilities came in handy while guiding the media to their stand-up spot and completing PA tasks for them while they were shooting. Getting the equipment to the stand-up location meant hurdling and lifting it over puddles and onto booths for drier travel. Once we made it to the media spot the rain picked up and we needed clear plastic bags for the equipment. I have no authority to use a walkie talkie at Super Bowl LIVE, but I was given one from the information booth and I put a call in to operations. The response elicited an all-out sprint for me to a tent on the far side of the park. I ran the clear trash bags back to the media and then had to find an umbrella for the anchor. There were lots of umbrellas to choose from but none of them were black! You would think I would easily be able to find a black umbrella but it was a process. I spotted a woman with one and ran right at her (you should have seen her face). She gave me the umbrella and right back to the media I went with two minutes to spare until air time. 

Did I save the broadcast? I tell myself I did. Did the rain hinder my performance? No, I enjoyed the challenge it presented.

The Finale

This is it. This is my final day working in Miami for Super Bowl LIV. And it was a good one.

I started my morning by working at the Social Media Command Center, but before I made it there, I stopped by the NFL Transportation booth to drop off meal vouchers. After arriving, I stayed at the booth for a few minutes speaking to a few of my classmates. During this time, I heard a group of people approaching to walk by so I turned around. And there he was. Christian McCaffrey. My mouth almost dropped to the floor. I knew that he visited the Media Center yesterday, so I assumed he wouldn’t be back today, especially since he was not scheduled for an appearance and Radio Row was in the process of being taken down. But yet, there he was walking by just a foot away from me. McCaffrey walked by with an intimidating posse of about ten people and just like that he was gone. But those few seconds that I was able to see one of the best players in the NFL was incredible.

After McCaffrey’s brief appearance this morning, my day was a bit quiet. The Media Center was a ghost town as most of the media members were preparing for Super Bowl Sunday and some were attending NFL Honors. Although the Media Center was quiet, Super Bowl Experience was far from quiet. It was full of NFL fans, some local, some traveling from out of state, and some traveling from across the world for this event. It was amazing to see hundreds of people from differing backgrounds come together with their love for football. Seeing this truly helped me realize that sports are so much more than just a game. And I’m so glad that I was able to play a part in this event.

Success is in the Details

By Abigail Noyes

I am currently sitting in my childhood home in Plymouth watching the Super Bowl, just as I did the past 20 years. My family snacks on football favorites and makes quippy comments about the commercials–par for the course. All is in keeping with tradition, except for the glaringly obvious: I contributed, albeit in a small way, to the big game. 

Players and broadcasters appear on the screen and I immediately recognize them as the faces that walked by me at the NFL Transportation Booth. The graphics and promotional material use messaging I identify as consistent with the Host Committee’s social media messaging. The stadium flooded with red jerseys mirrors the teams’ respective fan fest pep rallies at Super Bowl LIVE. After working to get the public excited for the Super Bowl and all of its activations, I feel overwhelmed with excitement and pride watching the game. 

The beauty of special events lies not only in the event itself, but the little details and small tasks that culminate in the final product. Though the Super Bowl surely would’ve carried on without me, I feel incredibly grateful to have contributed in my own unique way.

Goal: Appreciate small tasks and professional missteps for the importance they hold.