Recovering Lost Voices

A Memorial to Victims of Police Brutality

Documented by the Journalism Students of JR364 — History of the Alternative Press, Spring 2015. Under the direction of Roger House, Associate Professor of American Studies

“I Gets No Sleep” — The Story of Aiyana Stanley Jones (Detroit, 2010) by Tashanea Whitlow

The Story of the Short Life of Tamir Rice (Cleveland, 2014) by Angela Ferraguto

The Curious Story of Anthony Baez (New York City, 1994) by Frank Olito

 Ebola Truths and Consequences

This Victory Stride forum explored the public health threat as a medical, media, and artistic imperative. It was held in the Bill Bordy Theater on Nov. 13, 2014.
See Janae Jackson’s dramatic poem on “Africa, Ebola,  America”
Hear Alexi Parachos’ cry to “Wake Up All The Teachers”
Dr. Larry Madoff of the Mass Dept of Public Health describes the ebola virus
Dr. Paul Biddinger of Mass General Hospital on the chance of contracting ebola in the U.S.

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Freedom Sites

At work: Fugitive African Americans fording the Rappahannock River in Virginia in 1862 - the year before the Emancipation Proclamation

Image Source: www.Dailymail.co.uk

Reviews of Historic Places of Hope and Possibility