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The Pinky Toe by Tommaso Pazzi

Laire (novel excerpt) by Tom Neill

Looking Forward by Steph Barron

Greystone by Sarah Mensch

Welcome to the Jungle by Nikki LaSalla

One Night of Summer by Laura Schmitt

Saying Goodbye by Kiara Sellers

Stolen Closure by Joy Kozu

Wordless by Hannah Goodtree

More Than One Way by Hayley Johnson

What I Remember by Connor Batsimm

Sketch (novel excerpt) by Alina Peng

Bombardment (novel excerpt) by Lior Friedman

The Night She Wanted by Matt Rixon

My Dear Peggy by Clare Skalle

If I Could by Sam Nipatnantaporn

Compulsive by Kaushika Suresh

How to Be a New Yorker by Sam Group

Ending It by Kayla Good

Built in the Blood by Ashleigh Larose

When it Happens by TiShanna Dillard

Haven’t Had Enough by Lydia Saldajeno

A Semi-True Story in Which I Die by Jesse Ide

Impulse by Lara Fishbane

The Last Breaths by Alec Kaden

Through the Scope by Hannah Mades-Alabiso

Writing on the Wall by Nicholas Guido DeBlasio

Survive by Alec Kaden

Oatmeal by Nate Matteson

The Festival of Thespians by Chelsea Sanchez

V by Olivia Marcus


This is Henry by Lydia Symchych


Lame Philosophies by Emily Birnbaum

More Than a Musician by Wesley Graham Reid

Third Culture, Tomboys, and California Rolls by Sumire Komori

Kid Ink  by Ajea Stupart

Open Letter to Facebook by Chris Gagne

Sweet Ass Rad Concert by Andrew Yang

Unexpected by Kristen Gendron

Grandfather by Karla Maddy

Love And Happiness at the Woodhall School by Ian Chace

Interview with Alec Kaden by Melanie Rainone

Interview with Lydia Saldajeno by Ian Chace

Interview with Lara Fishbane by Yael Davidesko

One Day by David Nicholls reviewed by Olivia Marcus

Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson edited by Janns Wenner and Corey Seymour reviewed by Ian Chace

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn reviewed by Jesse Ide

House Rules by Jodi Picoult reviewed by Yael Davidesko

The Iron Key by James Logenbach reviewed by Nicholas DeBlasio

Glaring Through Oblivion by Serj Tankian reviewed by Nate Matteson

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Michael Sandel reviewed by Andrew Yang

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky reviewed by Melanie Rainone

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea Handler reviewed by Izzy Hobbib


Joyless/Joyful by Sammi Curran

Intermediate by Peter Merani

Sunday Kind of Love by Ari de Lucy

Always by Corie Szwarc

Shades of Red (According to George Zimmerman) by Jessica Murdock

The Party of Comedians by Karina Ithier

Insatiate by Laetitia Duler

Deepest Desire of a Six Year Old Me by Jasmine Taylor

Tattoo by Sophia West 

Cocoon by Rae Yen Tan

The Art of Breathing by Kendall Neubeiser

What the Lady with the Flowers Said by Eileen Castle

My Shadow Left Me by Caleb Abner

Artists: A Slam Poem by Rebekah Lehnen, Maggie McLaughlin, Melanie Rainone, Ian Bicket, and Karla Maddy

Ten Things I Know To Be True- Yael by Yael Davidesko

Ten Things I Know To Be True- Melanie by Melanie Rainone

The Bridge by Megan ‘Bruce’ Norton

Come, my Revolutionaries! by Natasha Mikulich

Eve by Meli Paulson

Heal by Ian Chace

Instructions on How to Laugh by Yael Davidesko


The Seaport by Eliza Mager

Spin the Qur’an by Lindsay Peichel

Call of Change by Josephine Hebert


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