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Map Story, of, is an online platform created by the Map Story Foundation in 2012. The platform uses the program “Geo Node” to create the cartographic (map stuff) application.

There are a lot of useful tutorials on the MapStory site to help you get started on understanding the application, and how to use it.

At the home page, there’s a a section called “Get Skillz” where  a reader is directed to a Wiki – Page, where a community member, “Besty” takes you step by step on learning how to become a contributor to the community.

Getting Skillz

Some of the tutorial videos were very helpful, and others were self-explanatory and seemed to drone on for a very long time…

What separates MapStory from other applications mainly is that it’s used a lot by people who want to consume the data and visualization, not create it.

Readers can look at visualizations of all different topics,  separated by sections such as Health, Nature and Environment, and Human Settlement. Overall, these application is good for looking at stories based in history, progression in society, and the changing face of culture and nature – naturally with the map interface.

There are three facets of MapStory:

1. StoryLayers 2. MapStories  3. MapStorytellers

1. StoryLayers – EX:

– Uploading StoryLayers goes as follows.

Uploading Story Layers


Difficulty wise,  I would compare it to uploading files to Carto DB, it’s very similar.

– Looking through this, there were a lot of posts from ASU (Arizona State University) students.

Combine the layer(s) – and you get a 2. MapStory

Here there’s only one layer, but you see the option of what to do.

3. StoryTellers show the profile of the person who uploaded the layer/MapStory. Range from students to professionals in their field.

If you are using geography based or  progression over a large area of space or time, I would recommend using MapStory! It’s very engaging – and there area the tools there to help you go each step of the way if you’re ever confused or need help. It’s definitely a useful tool.


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