Prezi Review

Prezi, is a simple, yet powerful and engaging visual storytelling tool. I first came across Prezi while seeing some classmates use the application for various presentations and they’ve always looked more crisp than the others – and it helped me pay attention!

The ideal outlets for Prezi include businesses and conferences, in particular, business conferences,  education, and information visualization.

Here is an example of a Prezi that uses all possibilities in the application to make a very enjoyable and informative presentation.

Prezi Presentation

As you can see, there are many different forms of medium that are included in this presentation – text, video, and pictures – all related to what the topic was, giving tips on how to be a better presenter. Through this, all of the information used is condensed and easy to access. It could be safe to say that this presentation was aided by “Prezi”.

It’s simple to get started on Prezi. On the home page, you simply click “start a new Prezi” and you are directed to a template. – similar to this one.

Start A New Prezi

Here – the presentation is at your finger tips. There’s a “insert” tab which allows the creator to include text, links, videos, audio, and pictures to the presentation.

This publishing platform is very easy to use! All  you need is an idea of what type of information to use and it’s easily accessible to use.

With that being said, however, I wouldn’t recommend it to be used for a final project for class. There are many other platforms that one can use. that can utilize data more or perhaps be a fresher or more challenging application to use.

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