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One of my tools was the infographics platform With, I can upload data sets and edit the data directly in the platform. There are a number of saved, pre-developed formats for infographic on the website, but they are limited in terms of what you can do to edit them. Under the charts option, however, I have a larger number of options with slightly greater creative license.
After uploading the data, I’m able to create charts almost completely to my liking, and publish it from there. There are a lot of different settings for chart creation, which really makes it a simplified, online version of Microsoft Excel. There is the potential to create bar, column, pie, line, area, scatter, bubble, pictorial, hierarchy, table, progress, wordcloud, treemap, and financial charts with relative ease. There isn’t as much creative license as I’ve had in other programs, though their selections are elegant enough that I wasn’t too troubled by a lack of freedom.
This would be good for really any story involving really any sort of relative or comparative data, especially data with high discrepancies between various data sets. I personally used pothole data when practicing using, which revealed large discrepancies between the various neighborhoods.
To get started, simply make an account and upload your data as a .csv; I found .csv to be the easiest file type to work with on the website, as other formats occasionally came up as corrupted or unable to read on the website. doesn’t really have tutorials, from what I found, but it’s easy enough to stumble into the right direction.
It’s a fairly straightforward tool to use, though certain aspects are less intuitive than others. For example, much of the data isn’t easily manipulated, and occasionally I’ve had to start all over because my data wasn’t properly aligned within the program. It’s definitely a touchy program. There are apparently more tools within the paid-for memberships, but it’s not that easy to determine what those features are and if they would even add to my experience.
All in all, I definitely would recommend this software to a friend, as it is definitely helpful and relatively user friendly. However I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that has a strong basis in Excel, because really seems to be a pretty, better laid out version of Excel. I definitely will be using for my final data story, but I do have my reservations for how that will pan out in terms of what I should expect from the final product.

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