Listening Guide III

These moving timelines map the five categories outlined in the Riley Rock Taxonomy: performance, material, arrangement, production, and concept. Several teaching goals coalesce here: an easy-to-use format where students can do detailed listening at their own speed to develop paper ideas; a removable audio track for customized use; and comprehensive production notes that alert listeners to the elaborate technical challenges posed by this increasingly sophisticated material. Oxford University Press handles the final publication for for these, alongside integration with the ebook edition. Stripping out audio becomes final step to address copyright issues. Users encouraged to use iTunes, spotify, or another streaming platform to play tracks.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun, 1968

Everybody’s Got Something To Hide (‘Cept For Me and My Monkey), 1968

Dear Prudence, 1968

I Want You (She’s So Heavy), 1969

I’ve Got A Feeling, 1969

Two Of Us, 1969

Don’t Let Me Down, 1969

Source: production details from Mark Lewisohn’s The Beatles: Recording Sessions (New York: Harmony, 1988).

Software workflow: Raleigh Green.
Transcribe! for track timing, Adobe Illustrator for vector files, Hype3 for html5 time-sync rendering.

Listening guides copyright ©2016 Tim Riley