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Outreach for Non-Profits: Best Practices for Beginners


Haja, Nilofar. “Outreach for Non-Profits: Best Practices for Beginners.” Trail of Papercuts. N.p., 03 Nov. 2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2016.

This article from blogger Nilofar Haja shows different digital outreach strategies non-profits can take when delivering data to stakeholders. Haja views outreach as a plan to “reach out to all stakeholders of an organization with a view to amplify organizational presence across multiple channels.” In the long term, Haja hopes outreach will lead to “measurable change in reputation, reach and impact.” Her strategies include how to support and map an audience as well as designing your data depending on the demographic, Picture1assigning brand ambassadors, and when and where to intervene with a specific audience.


The source does not waste a reader’s time, as it is reasonably short, numbered and bulleted. The source uses personal anecdotes and hypothetical situations, teaching the “outreacher” what to look out for. The source also provides a “Question from Reader” section with a response from Haja. Overall, this source would be very helpful to any non-profit outreach programs primarily focused on reaching as many stakeholders as possible with succinct and informative information.


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