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Outreach for Nonprofits: Best Practices for Beginners








Nilofar Haja, Trail of Paper Cuts, Outreach for Nonprofits: Best Practices for Beginners

This source outlines an outreach strategy that developing nonprofits can use to engage and inform a potential audience, which the author refers to as “stakeholders.” The piece is written by Nilofar Haja, a non-profit web producer who blogs and Tweets regularly about nonprofit management and marketing. In contrast to the previous source, which seemed to focus on a general overview of a marketing plan and defined key terms, this source outlines in detail a plan that nonprofits can use. Sections include information on mobilizing a potential audience, outreach, and presenting the contributions of your non-profit in engaging ways (turning research into infographics for social media consumption, for example.)

This level of detail and precision makes the source ideal for someone looking to establish a mapped out plan for engaging an audience for an up-and-coming non-profit. Haja using personal experience tangents to support her somewhat stoic plans for outreach, which helps imagine how you would realistically implement such ideas.  She even includes questions from her readers, and provides detailed answers for possible problems that could arise from implementing  her strategies. While her focus somewhat limits the possible audience, this could be a hugely helpful resource for someone in charge of developing a non-profit outreach plan


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