Ebola Forum Class Activity

HI203 — Social Movements in the Age of Liberalism: The undergraduate students in Social Movements worked together to create an educational video on the ebola outbreak. Students collected images of the media coverage during a high point of sensationalism by politicians and the press. The misrepresentations created obstacles for public health officials and undue levels of anxiety for the public.

Students researched the images along with those of the true human cost of the crisis. The result was a 3-minute montage on the subject. The images were edited by Madeline Torres, a student in the class, and a film major in the Dept of Visual & Media Arts. The montage was set to the string band music of Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet for the soundtrack of “Dracula.” It seemed indicative of the struggle between health officials and the press over the depiction of the outbreak.

Watch the entire forum video including a music montage created by the students of HI203: Social Movements in the Age of Liberalism